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Services Offered

Glenn Ellis Photography offers customizable wedding packages that include the following customized solutions:

  • In-person or virtual consultations before the wedding day

  • Location scouting

  • High-resolution digital images for printing

  • Low-resolution digital images for media sharing

  • Customizable schedule to fit your needs

  • Wedding day photo checklist

  • Multi-day events

We also offer several options to enhance your wedding photography package and make it more comprehensive. They include:

  • 2nd Shooter

  • Videographer

  • Western, Central, and Eastern Ontario Coverage - Millage charges may apply.

  • Extra hours

  • Out of Province and Country

  • Engagement session

  • Express 14-day image processing

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How would you describe your style and aesthetic?

A: I have a background in freelance, sport, and event photography and have always been drawn to telling stories. I tend to gravitate to a more organic, candid and spontaneous look. There is definitely a time and place during the wedding day where posed photos are needed but I like photos that feel natural and aren’t styled too much. So I would say I have a more photojournalistic style in the photos I take to reflect all the special moments as they happen and to tell the story of your wedding day


Q: How would you describe your style and aesthetic?

A: The “first look” is a chance for couples getting married to see each other in a special private moment before the ceremony. It’s starting to become pretty popular with people I work with and I’d say half of couples opt to do a “first look.” By doing one, it helps to ease any nerves and to give the couple a chance to be alone and soak everything in. It translates beautifully on the camera because of all the emotion and with a little coordinating beforehand, many first look photos ends up being my clients’ favourites of the day. 

Another benefit of having a first look is that couples can fully enjoy their cocktail hour and mingling with their guests because they were able to get some photos together before the wedding. But it is completely personal preference and if you prefer the traditional route of not seeing your spouse-to-be until the walking down the aisle, that’s awesome too. 


Q: Do you work with a second photographer? Do we need one?

A: It’s not necessary to have a second photographer but I strongly encourage having one. Having a second shooter on your wedding day can provide more angles and images and various perspectives that one shooter on their own can’t possibly cover. If you would like to talk about having two photographers for your wedding day, please feel free to ask me about it and it can be arranged.
I work exclusively with two second shooters on my wedding assignments. One shooter is named Emily MacDuff, who is a very talented, experienced, professional wedding and event photographer. She has an incredibly impressive portfolio and she and I have been working together for over seven years on weddings. Her services can be requested and based on her availability she can accompany me to any wedding destination I/we are hired for shoot for an additional fee. 

The other second shooter I work with is an exceptional photographic talent named Scott Hughes he was born and raised in Ottawa and has photographed different destination weddings around Ontario with me. 


Q: What can I expect from you on our wedding day?

A: On your wedding day, I'll arrive early, fully prepared to start at the agreed upon time. I'll check in and give you a big wedding day "high-five," then blend into the background to capture details and preparations. Following the agreed timeline and itinerary, any delays or weather issues won't be a problem as I have experience and back-up plans for portraits.


Q: How many photos can I expect in my final wedding package?

A: Typically, I deliver 25-50 photos for every hour of coverage. That’s a fairly big range but if your package is over dinner hour, not much is captured during that time because no one likes their photo taken while their mouth is full. But for the most part, you can expect somewhere between 25-50 per hour.


Q: What are my rights to the photos after the wedding day?

A:  If and when you decide to book me as your photographer, I will send you a basic contract. It stipulates the timing of my coverage for your wedding day and other personalized details about your wedding day. It also stipulates that I own the rights to the photos so I am able to use them for promotional purposes (on my website or on social media). However, all of the good quality, edited images that end up in the final wedding package are yours and you are free to do with them as you wish. That means you can post them, print them and share them wherever and with whomever you’d like


Q: Do you edit every single photo?

A:  Yes! I do my best to ensure when I capture each image on the day of your wedding that everything is perfect but that’s not always possible to ‘fix’ things before I click the shutter button. Adjusting things like exposure, cropping out random arms and noses and touching up skin imperfections all gets done during post-production. Every single photo I take goes through some editing, which is also why editing takes so long. 


Q: How long will it take to get my final wedding package? What is in the final package?

A:  On a typical 9-hour wedding day, there can be upwards of 2,500-3,500 RAW image files captured and it can take up to 40 additional hours of uploading, processing, and editing. I usually tell my clients they will have their final photo package within 3-8 weeks after the wedding date, but I always aim to have them to you sooner. 

I always send my clients “teaser” photos within a week or two of the wedding (so you’re able to curb all that enthusiasm to receive the final package).


Q: Are you insured?

A:  Yes, Glenn Ellis Photography in insured for Liability

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